Unami Ridge Winery Photo Shoot

New Logo, new website...new work!

I am just stating the obvious but I am new to blogging. It's something that I want to do more of but the fear factor kinda holds me back. Well I am finally going to give a shot! You have to start somewhere...right!!

Recently I was hired to photograph images for the Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce Magazine. One of the places I needed to shoot was the Unami Ridge Winery. Instead of just shooting some location shots, I wanted to instill some life into the images.

Here are some details:

Makeup and Hair: Gina Kay - Osbourne

Female Model: Steph Bathurst

Male Model: Daniel Giannini

Assistant: Don Noz

Retoucher: Sandi Gagne

Here are some shots of Gina doing hair and makeup.

Here are some test and set up shots:

Pssst...Don I think you need to be setting up the gear, not texting! :)

Looks like Dan is checking to make sure my lighting setup is good.

And here is one of the final edits. You can find the rest of the images here and under the commercial tab of my website.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  • 20130713_unami_ridge_winery_quakertown_bts_460.jpg
  • 20130713_unami_ridge_winery_quakertown_bts_448.jpg
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