Some people spend much of their lives trying to find their calling, their talent, their niche. Some never find it at all. Luckily, my interest in photography was sparked at the young age of eight by a loving grandfather who enjoyed sharing his life with me through still images. As a boy, we spent hours of quality time pouring over pictures of Pearl Harbor, weddings, birthdays, and family vacations at the Jersey shore. These images became vivid stories in my mind, and their lasting imprint is what prompted my interest and passion for photography.

I credit my grandfather for showing me the power a single photographic image can hold. I nurtured my passion throughout my schooling, taking courses in pinhole photography and film development. Even though I loved taking pictures and learning new techniques, life took me in different directions. I joined the Air Force, acquired electrical skills, started a family, and took a serious interest in computers.

Today, I am a devoted husband to my wife, Denise, and father to four of the best kids in the world—Eric, 16; Kevin, 13; Nicholas, 5; and Rachel, my only daughter who is 3 going on 16. It wasn’t until Eric and Kevin began their involvement in a youth hockey league that my fascination with photography resurfaced. I was a proud dad in the stands, and I wanted to capture each and every moment on camera. I took picture after picture of my kids in action and truly enjoyed doing it. But when I looked at the images, I was faced with disappointment and frustration—what I saw was far from good.

I quickly turned this frustration into a drive to obtain new knowledge about anything and everything related to photography. As my awareness grew, so too did my energy, passion, and enthusiasm for taking pictures. Even though sports photography is what renewed a love that had lain dormant for so long, I have since shifted my focus to portraits in both natural outdoor and indoor settings.

I’m always looking for ways to stretch my professional limits; this includes exploring different aspects in the studio to provide a more artistic quality to my pictures, experimenting with lighting, and making detailed and unique edits to the images I shoot. Nothing is off limits for me and each success and failure is a learning experience that helps me sharpen my skills and craft my technique.

When I’m not photographing children and families, I give back to the community in a variety of ways. Recently, I donated several of my prints to a local organization that raises money for cancer. I also took of a life-altering trip to Guatemala, where I volunteered in a medical mission. During my time there, I was in the heart of the ER, obtaining images of surgeries for young children with physical defects such as cleft palate, cleft lip, severe burns, and abnormal extremities. These images were used as teaching tools for medical personnel and ultimately prompted further research and development in their field. All the participants in the mission were commended by local officials and made honorary citizens of Guatemala. Most importantly, though, I had the humbling honor of capturing the culture and spirit of this country and its people through the lens of my camera.

Overall, I am a husband and father who values time with my family. When I’m not hanging out with my kids or taking pictures, you can find me rooting for the Flyers, the best team of the best sport out there! I also enjoy traveling, snowmobiling, and spending time at the beach in the summer. But wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, you can be sure my camera is tucked closely nearby—just waiting for the next photographic moment to emerge.